JetBlue’s new campaign delivers a clean look with a clear message: You Above All.
Below are some highlights of the work I was fortunate to be a part of during my internship at Mullen.

JetBlue Brand Team


Subway Car Cards – Chicago

Print – Official Saint Lucia Tourism Book

Newspaper Print (full-page) – Washington Post

Taxi Tops – New York/Boston/Chicago


Natural Prairie Dairy is a family-operated, organic dairy farm in Dalhart, TX. As a rapidly growing brand, it was clear they needed a comprehensive identity and presence in the market.

Logo Design

The goal was to create something as fresh, original, and premium as the brand itself.


The responsive site gets back to basics with beautiful visuals and great story telling.

See the full site.


No need for stock photography. Camera in hand, a one-week trip to Dalhart provided all the images we needed. Here are a few of my favorites.


SXSW Eco is one of the largest stages for social innovation. Good PR and simple collateral filled the room for a very lively panel.

Invest in innovation.




Bull/Bear Posters

Could the best Cyber Monday deal be just a shake away?

Through a mix of social media posts and emails, users were directed to our Facebook page. Simply 'like' us to play. Register your info. Shake the snow globe. And potentially win a free trip to one of over 80 Starwood properties worldwide.

Facebook Game

MAX Checking

With MAX Checking, we can save you on almost everything.



ChoiceLine combines the freedom and convenience of a home equity line of credit with the security and stability of a home equity loan. Oh, and you can use it for whatever you want.

Convenience Banking

Yeah, we have that too.


Nalgene was built for the elements of nature. This campaign proves people are as strong as the elements of daily life.



The elements are redefined to connect with every individual. The strength of the product becomes the strength of the person.
It's nearly impossible to compete with all of the things the gym offers. That is unless those things make you never want to go in the first place.


This product escalated paper to new levels, and the simple innovation led to an entire new paper frontier. What other ideas has Post-It inspired?

Post-it: Ideas that stick.

CW: Katie Novotny


"I'm tired of blowing out candles when it's not my birthday." – Thomas Edison

"I just want to get from my house to church without my horse farting in my face." – Henry Ford

"Wilbur, I ate the last of the rye."
"Yes, Orville! We should find a way to fly!"
How do you discourage underage drinking without a sermon on the mount? Speak from experience.

CW: Craig Gerringer


Ever wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back to sleep? Checkout our commercial and then maybe go see your doctor. Really.

Intermezzo Brand Team